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iMaxem has clearly defined and well understood roles for its employees.
Key to iMaxem's transition to ITaaSO was the creation and implementation of new services-oriented roles. These are called service roles.

The functions of the service roles are to:
• Ensure a client-oriented focus and to answer the need for role-level consistency across IT in managing IT services.
• Set expectations for IT employees' priorities and performance in a services-oriented organization.
• Establish employee role responsibilities in terms of services.
• Support strategic relationships between IT and the business.
• Enable critical value conversations for IT.
IT as a Service ( ITaaS ) is a business model for delivering value as defined by IT clients and customers in a cost-effective manner.
All IT organizations deliver infrastructure ( storage, networks, desktop tools, etc. ) and applications ( collaboration tools, enterprise resource planning, etc. )
iMaxem shifts the focus away from IT supporting and providing solutions as needed or based on individual user requests ( IT functioning as an "order taker" )
to IT delivering services based on how the clients are using the infrastructure or application.

In this way, our success is defined by the value delivered to our clients.
iMaxem believes that IT must be able to enter into a stronger partnership with the business to ensure that new business models can be delivered faster, better, and cheaper. Operating as a service organization supports reuse of existing services and components, allowing IT to deliver scalable capabilities faster, and ultimately enabling agility and time to market (speed).
iMaxem's mission is based on three tenets:
• Client and customer centric. The focus is solely on the clients' or customers' needs and their vision.
• Business value driven. We focuses on identifying, quantifying, and billing for the value that the business gets from every IT investment, thus maximizing those investments.
• Cost effective. Reducing IT costs without compromising quality of services and reinvesting savings are the main goals of the ITaaSO model.

Achieving those goals is possible through use of technologies based on alternative pricing models such as pay per use or subscription fees. iMaxem brings business and IT much closer together, enabling the business to understand what it is paying for, and to fine tune IT needs and demands for new IT services based on the cost to the company. This transparency also enables a closer alignment of IT expenditures to business goals, and improves cost efficiency. Resource efficiency is also realized because architectural components in ITaaSO are reusable, which increases scalability, and drives simplicity and economies of scale. Robust architecture supports many types of applications, but at the same time is specific enough to meet individual needs.

Our main mission is To become a customer's Genie ... "Your wish is our COMMAND"
iMaxem is an IT as a Service Organization ( ITaaSO ).
ITaaSO is a business model for running IT that delivers value as defined by IT's clients and customers in a cost effective manner. Clients and customers will realize this value in numerous ways including improved business capabilities, faster time to receive capabilities, and lower costs. To enable good decision making about value, IT must provide transparency to the cost of IT. iMaxem provides the business with a decision-making advantage by leveraging data and business intelligence.

Why iMaxem:
• Variety of solutions, addressing different business fields.
• Utilizing different & latest technologies.
• Strong technical structure.
• Focus on customers' satisfaction.
• Fast & Simple Implementation.
• Reasonable pricing structure.
• Powerful Integration methods with third party applications.
• Flexible modification methodologies.
• Continuous R&D processes.
• Focusing on business & customer requirements.

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