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Social Media is the phenomenon that has changed the way we behave on a social and business level, opening a new medium for marketing and economic growth. There a many social media platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms, to name but a few.
Your online presence is instrumental to your success however even with a fantastic website consisting of unique and interesting features which appeal to your consumer if they cannot find you then the exercise is not fulfilling its full potential. It is imperative that your company website is properly constructed and has relevant content so it can be found by search engines and offered to prospective customers.

SEO makes more of your investment through such effective techniques as:
• Website analysis and content improvements
• Building links and mapping for various Search Engines
• Competitor analysis and keyword submission
• Research and improvements on site tags, etc.
Pay per click is an effective way to ensure that your advert appears on a search engine results page ( SERP ) when specific key word or term is searched for.
You only pay when a customer clicks on a link from your advert taking them to your website, hence pay per click. This is sometimes referred to as paid search.

PPC can be highly effective and can assist in driving traffic to your site, especially those customers that have already entered the buying cycle. PPC is an ongoing process that requires fine-tuning of keywords and long tail terms to assist with driving traffic to your site. PPC can offer excellent ROI through a managed service campaign.
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