What Makes A Great Website?

What Makes A Great Website?

To create a great website, you need to understand user experience (UX) basics to make your website a pleasure to browse and make the best decisions regarding the content and design solutions it features. There are many reasons why you need to pay special attention to UX while building a new website. It includes the following benefits:

  • it affects your search ranking;
  • a clever UX design moves people through the sales funnel; 
  • It also impacts your bottom line;
  • you can significantly improve your site’s performance and deliver a better site browsing experience to your clients.  

UX refers to crafting a usable website, which covers the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including branding, design, usability, and function. What other aspects should you consider to build an awesome website? Let’s see.  

Website Structure 

A great website should be well-organized and have an easy-to-follow structure. There should be no clutter on its pages, and users should easily find the content/products/services they need. A great website should have a clean and professional design, user-friendly, and reachable on all devices. 

The website structure lets users easily navigate the web page and locate the information they need. Furthermore, thanks to the well-thought-out structure, your website will be better indexed in search engines. 

Intuitive Navigation 

An organized website navigation is one more element that makes your website a success. Thanks to the intuitive navigation patterns, people can locate what they need quickly and easily. It’s a bad habit to make customers wander around your site. Making it difficult to come across the needed content, you will not keep them on your site. On the contrary, people are more likely to click the close button being frustrated and lost.

The choice of the best navigation patterns depends on the size and type of project you are dealing with. If it’s a multi-vendor web store, MagaMenus can be the best option. A simple navigation menu should be a great fit for a small blog or a startup website. 

Impressive Design 

People meet by clothes. The same rule can be applied to web design. An impressive and catching design of your website makes it more memorable and outstanding. A versatile custom design that matches your brand identity lets you also market its personality. 

While working on the design of your site, mind the user’s experience. Make it relevant to your clients’ needs and ensure that the content smoothly adjusts to desktop and mobile displays. 

Considering these aspects and keeping in mind the needs of your target audience, you can build a great website that will help you achieve success with your brand.

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